10 Part-Time Jobs for Extra Cash

There’s no doubt about the fact that securing your finances for the future is one of the most important things that you may ever have to do. To get the money for this, you need to have a job, and this could be either a full-time job or a part-time job. More people than ever before are realizing that it’s possible to practically make a living by working weekend side gigs, which allow reasonable flexibility for people who may have other responsibilities to handle. If you’re interested in learning about how you can join these people and start making some much-needed extra cash, keep reading to see 10 part-time jobs that you can get started on right away and bolster your finances.

1. Haul Trash

The first job that you can work among the weekend side gigs that are available is that of hauling trash. With people buying more and more items every single day and getting rid of older or broken models, trash removals are one of the best weekend side gigs that you could do. This is because your services will practically always be in demand, making it possible for you to make a tidy sum if you stay consistent in your efforts. To get started, you ought to find out the potential costs of this job so that you can make the right plans. If you intend to do this job on a small scale, you may not have to spend a lot of money on the startup since you can make use of what you already have, including something like a truck.

Look for landfills and learn about their pricing so that you know the best price to set to make a profit. The next thing to do is to find out whether you need to get insurance coverage or register for a license so that your operations are legal in the area. Come up with a name and logo for your services, and think about the best ways to find new customers in your area. Once you’ve done all of these, you can set out and begin to work on getting your neighborhood clean. Identify your target market and then set your pricing so that you can get started with no more delay.

2. Work in Lawn Care

Another one of the weekend side gigs that you can do is to work in lawn care. This is a service that you can offer to people who need to keep their lawns in great shape, but who don’t have the time, skill, or ability to take good care of their lawns. For this, you’ll have to pick a specific lawn service to offer because there are quite a few. To get the best outcome, you should offer lawn services that you’re competent at offering. As a result, you’ll be able to do a good job and therefore start to get good reviews, earning more customers over time.

If you realize that this is a side gig that you feel comfortable offering, it’s a good idea to learn more about it. By doing this, you may be able to diversify your services, working safely and effectively with different equipment, learning about things like snow melt louvers, and more. Work on setting competitive prices that earn you a good reputation and make you enough profit to keep this gig worth your while. If your gig takes off, you can purchase more lawn care equipment and look for creative and savvy ways of expanding your client base.

3. Work at a Restaurant

If there’s a restaurant in your area that’s hiring, you should consider applying as this is yet another one of the weekend side gigs that you can do to make some spare money. There are several positions for which you could be hired by a local restaurant on a part-time basis. These include purchasing and delivering ingredients to the restaurant or delivering orders to customers. You could also be called upon to offer specialized cleaning services or even prepare a specific meal if you’re qualified to do so. The list is practically endless in this case, so you simply need to decide where your interests or skills lie.

Restaurant-related weekend side gigs maybe some of the best since food is always going to be in demand. This means that for as long as restaurants are in operation, you can make some money on the side working for them. Depending on your schedule, you can put in as much or as little time as you like, and you’re going to get paid for your troubles. While this industry may evolve, one thing remains certain, and that is its need for a workforce.

4. Become an Egg Donor

If you’re a lady who’s in good general health and would like to make some money while helping someone or a family in need, you could look into becoming an egg donor. The general requirements include things such as passing a physical exam done by the clinic you’re donating, having a healthy body weight with a good BMI, and being aged between 20 and 29 years in general. These details may vary from one clinic to another, and they’re put in place to ensure your health throughout the process, which can be quite involving. Keep in mind that there will be several rules and a very strict screening process beforehand, so it may not be easy to get accepted. Becoming an egg donor is going to call for you to make certain lifestyle changes as well, but all of them aim to keep you in the best health.

5. Work in Retail

Another one of the weekend side gigs that you may want to look into is working in retail. If you’re patient and can either stand, sit, or walk around a store for hours, then you might be able to find this gig easily. There are many retail stores to which you can apply, and these include an eyeglasses store. If you have any background in the retail industry you’re targeting, you can be sure that this is going to give you an advantage when you apply for this side hustle. Check to see whether you’re comfortable with the hours that you have to be at the store so that you can run all aspects of your life without any interference.

For you to thrive in this hustle, you simply need to be neat and organized and have the ability to keep time. If you can meet these standards, then you can learn other details of the job as you go along. There will generally not be too much technicality in the requirements, so you may not need to do a lot of training beforehand. That said, take time to familiarize yourself with the role that you need to serve so that you can do a good job. This is going to give you a great chance of being the go-to person whenever the store in question needs some assistance with a role that you’ve filled successfully before.

6. Work with Dogs

Just who doesn’t love a fluffy, cuddly dog? That said, can you imagine how amazing it would be to have the opportunity to spend time with dogs, and get paid for it? This is possible if you look for one of the weekend side gigs that deal with dogs. From dog grooming to dog training and even pet-sitting, many gigs involve dogs to some extent or another. This means that you simply need to think about your ideal gig involving these furry, adorable family companions, and then start looking for a gig surrounding it. This can end up being a very fulfilling gig for you, and it may also serve as a break after working a long, stressful week elsewhere.

All of that aside, you need to remember that it’s still going to be a job at the end of the day, and this means that you need to do it well. As such, if you need to get some training to bring your knowledge and skills up to speed, don’t hesitate to do so, because this could help you work more efficiently. Remember to prioritize safety at all times as well, so that you can do a great job with minimal risk. To keep both you and the dogs that you take care of safe, you’ll need to follow the set rules of the particular gig that you happen to be doing at any point in time.

7. Join a Craft Fair

A creative addition to this list of weekend side gigs is joining a craft fair. If you’ve always been artistically inclined, this presents an amazing opportunity for you to make money doing something you love. There are many things that you can make by hand and sell to collectors or simply people looking for something unique and well-made to buy. This could be jewelry, personalized picture frames, or even handmade scarves. Whatever it is you’re good at making by hand, you can be sure that there’s a willing buyer out there ready to give you money in exchange for the item. Try and perfect your skill in this case, since you can be sure that there are going to be other people making something similar to what you’re making.

The better your items are, the easier it will be to set yourself apart. You should also price your handmade items competitively so that you can make them more appealing. This can give you an advantage because someone who buys something from you once will most likely be willing to buy from you again if they need another item. Offer great customer service and don’t forget to head to the internet to market your crafts, since you can make sales there as well.

8. Get Your Personal Training Certification

If you’re a fitness buff and you also have some personal training to boot, this is a potential and worthwhile addition to your list of weekend side gigs. That’s because many people are looking to get fitter and improve their health as a result. By learning a few details of the industry so that you have accurate and safe information, you can set a standard that’s going to attract people to your service. Look into a personal trainer insurance cost as well so that you know how much you may need to spend to take your gig off the ground and keep things compliant and safe. You could end up making a positive difference to many people’s health.

9. Teach Music Lessons

Many people are keen on learning how to play an instrument, and this should come as no surprise since music is enjoyed universally. This presents another item that you can add to your list of weekend side gigs, and this is teaching music lessons. You can set a schedule that works for you and your clients, making sure that it’s possible to maintain consistency to improve the chances of getting the best outcome. Pick an instrument or other area of music that you’re exceptionally good at and offer lessons on it, and you’ll be glad to find several people who are interested in something like guitar training.

10. Become a Construction Apprentice

Last but not least, if you’ve always been fascinated by the world of construction, you could become a construction apprentice. This may be by joining a team of local deck builders or something else. By doing this, you can hone your skills, and you’re also going to make some money while you learn. The more experience that you have, the more money you’ll be eligible to earn, making this a fulfilling side hustle for you to consider getting involved in.

Take time and think about an area where you’re most proficient or most interested while brainstorming on the weekend side gigs that you could do. The more interest you have in a given area, the easier it will be for you to become good at it through training. As a result, you can make a tidy sum over time, and in some cases, this gig may grow to the point that it’s worth dedicating all your time to because it makes you good money.


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