5 Excellent Reasons Melbourne Is Better than Other Australian Cities

The capital of Victoria welcomed over 100,000 people in 2019, increasing its population by 2.3%. Melbourne, therefore, beat that of other capital cities, particularly Sydney and Brisbane. Meanwhile, experts believe that, by 2030, the crowd will swell to 5 million.

Numbers alone, though, are not enough. These reasons can finally encourage those who need more convincing:

1. Property Prices Are Cheaper than Sydney

According to Domain’s house price report, in Australia, a home could cost someone over $800,000. This represented an increase of nearly 6% from 2019 to 2020 or over 4.1% change in just three months.

In places like Sydney, however, the costs are much higher. The data shared from Budget Direct revealed that the median price in the country’s capital is about to reach $875,000. It already rose by about almost 2% in February 2020.

Australians and immigrants looking for a more manageable mortgage can consider moving to Melbourne instead. Here, property for sale might carry a price tag of no more than $500,000 or nearly 50% cheaper than Sydney’s homes.

Moreover, potential owners can choose between a house-and-lot package or a land-only option. Many communities are already fully developed, so one can have easier access to transport, open spaces, and other public amenities.

2. The Cost of Living in Lower

buying a house

It might seem that Melbourne is more expensive than other cities or suburbs, but it might not be the case on all types of expenses.

Using the data from Numbeo in 2018, reported that the cost of renting a property in Melbourne ranked second to that of Sydney. But the average price of around $1,700 was not as too pricey as Brisbane’s, Adelaide’s, and Canberra.

Child care spending was lower in Melbourne than in Gold Coast and Adelaide, while groceries and restaurant prices were more expensive in Darwin and Sydney.

3. The Beach Is Calling

Sydney might have Bondi Beach, and Queensland has Gold Coast. Victoria can definitely offer more being a coastal area. In fact, its coastline stretches an amazing 2,000 kilometers. Residents also have plenty of beaches and coastal parks to choose from according to their taste.

The Discovery Bay Coastal Park is perfect for families or couples looking for privacy since it’s remote. Here, visitors can enjoy various daytime activities like canoeing or stay overnight by camping. The Ninety Miles Beach, on the other hand, obtained its name from its long coastline that runs from Lakes Entrance to Port Albert.

Simply put, when one needs a better life balance, Melbourne, particularly, and Victoria, in general, can be a better choice than other cities. If they are exhausted from the urban life, they can always take a break to the beach or the nearby islands, such as Phillip Island.

4. Melbourne Is One of the Most Livable Cities in the World

Most of Australia’s capital cities make it to the most livable cities in the world, but their rankings can significantly vary. In 2019, for example, both Sydney and Melbourne landed among the top twenty, according to Mercer.

However, the Victorian capital consistently ranks among the top in many reports. These include the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), where Melbourne placed second right after Vienna, Austria.

5. Melbourne Is an Excellent Place to Start or Grow a Business

In a Teleport poll, most of the respondents cited Melbourne’s free business environment as one of the city’s strengths. The startup system is also gaining traction.

A 2019 report revealed that Australia is now one of the fast-growing hubs for startup companies globally, taking fifth place before the Netherlands, Singapore, and even China. Many of its cities also ranked, with Sydney leading.

Melbourne came in second among the Australian capitals when it occupied thirty-fifth place. Although it’s a far cry from Sydney’s nineteenth, the Victorian city can still be a better choice because of the following:

• Melbourne adopts a more laid-back lifestyle, so work-life balance is possible here.
• The city has a growing diverse population. Multiple studies have shown that diversity promotes innovation and, therefore, growth.
• Melbourne offers plenty of tax incentives for startups. These include the Entrepreneurs Programme and R&D incentive.
The cost of living is lower here than in Sydney. Businesses, therefore, are likely to save more money than when they operate in the country’s capital.

Every city in Australia has something to offer, which is why the country is still one of the favorite places for people to immigrate. Melbourne is no different. It’s one of the best options for individuals looking for work-life balance and more affordable Australian living.

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