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Where to Dedicate Your Off Time as a Business Owner

  •  Taking regular breaks throughout the day or larger chunks of time off can improve productivity, reduce burnout, and provide a fresh perspective.
  • Use free time for educational pursuits, professional networking, and self-care activities such as physical exercise, meditation/yoga, and connecting with friends/family.
  • Learning new skills is essential for staying ahead of the competition in any field.
  • Research suggests that taking even just five minutes off during a busy day can increase productivity by up to 13%.

As a business owner, it is vital to understand the importance of taking regular breaks from work. Taking small breaks throughout the day or larger chunks of time off can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business venture. Studies show that entrepreneurs who take regular intervals perform better in their jobs, have higher productivity levels, and are less prone to burnout.

Research has found that taking just five minutes off during a busy day can improve productivity by up to 13%. This is because taking short periods off allows your brain to recover, allowing you to become more focused when you get back to work. Furthermore, regular breaks will enable you to step away from the stressors associated with running a business and come back with a fresh perspective on how best to reach your goals.

If you have long breaks, you might want to take advantage of them and rest. However, that might be a missed opportunity you could have otherwise used to improve yourself. Here are a few things you can do with your time off to benefit your business:


If you are an entrepreneur dedicated to attaining success in your career and field, then you know that learning and staying up-to-date on trends is essential. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that learning new skills was the most crucial factor in an entrepreneur’s success. Use online courses, seminars, and other educational resources in your free time to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

It does not have to be even related to your business. You are a leader, which means that you should be knowledgeable about a variety of topics. Taking economics, sociology, or political science classes can help you see the bigger picture when making decisions for your business.

If you want to avoid anything related to business or a career, you can also learn new things like hobbies and crafts. Those activities might seem like they are not related to your business, but you might be surprised how often they can come in handy.

Professional Networking

Expanding professional network

Having a solid professional network is essential for any entrepreneur. Use your time off to connect with business professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors in your industry and beyond. This will allow you to broaden your contacts, gain invaluable insights into the industry, and possibly even open yourself up to new possibilities. Furthermore, by connecting with other professionals in your field, you can become more aware of how trends are evolving and what strategies are most effective when running a successful business.


Taking care of self

As an entrepreneur or business owner, getting caught up in work and letting personal needs fall by the wayside is easy. Don’t forget that taking care of yourself is just as important as tending to your business responsibilities. Taking a break from work can be the perfect opportunity for you to do something for yourself, such as the following:

Physical exercise

Take time to get active and engage in physical exercise. This can help you relieve stress, stay healthy, and even increase your focus when you return to work.

Meditation or yoga

If a physically intensive activity is not for you, try meditation or yoga. These practices can be incredibly beneficial for entrepreneurs because they can provide clarity of mind and help put things into perspective.

Social activities

Connecting with friends and family is an integral part of self-care that should not be overlooked. Make sure to take some extra time off to spend quality time with the people who matter most in your life. This will give you a much-needed break from the demands of running a business while providing valuable social support that keeps you upbeat.


Sometimes, life needs a bit of adrenaline rush to keep it going. Plan a mini-adventure or go on a vacation with your family, friends, or even solo. This will be the perfect opportunity to take a break from the grueling day-to-day running of a business and explore something new. You can visit a nearby lifted truck dealership to try out an extreme sport or visit an exotic destination. Being off-road has its benefits.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, taking regular breaks is vital to staying productive and avoiding burnout. You are the leader of your business venture and need to be in top shape to succeed. Dedicating your off time to activities like education, professional networking, self-care, and adventure can help you stay focused on your goals and reenergize when it’s time for work. So don’t forget to take regular breaks throughout the day, or even plan larger chunks of off time from time to time to keep yourself motivated and successful.

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