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Buying a House for the First Time: Features and Factors That You Should Never Compromise On

When you are shopping for an already built house, you might need to lower your expectations.

Unfortunately, there may be features or issues that you would be forced to accept. The property will unlikely look exactly as you imagined your dream house would be.

After the sale, you would have the freedom to make the amendments that you want. You can paint the walls a bold color, remove the wall-to-wall carpeting, replace the windows, add crown molding, and even build or collapse a wall to create a new space.

The point is, you need to use your imagination when you view a house to see its potential.

However, there are features and issues that should never be up for debate. A house is still a very expensive investment; you would not want to spend your mortgage loan on a property that is falling apart or is not suitable for your lifestyle.

When choosing a house to buy, there are must-haves that you should never back out of, no matter what.


Are you buying a house because your family has outgrown your old home? Do you need space so you can have your own home office or a hobby room?

The floorplan, therefore, is an important factor to consider when buying a home. You can knock down a wall to create a bigger room or erect a new wall to divide a huge space into two. However, these modifications would cost you quite a lot of money.

Unless you are willing to spend more after the purchase, then it is better to identify an ideal floorplan and stick with it. You do not want to regret going with a three-bedroom house when what you need is four. You will be stuck in this property for the foreseeable future. Think about what you and your family need now and in the coming years before you close the sale.


If you have a car, or if you plan on purchasing on in the future, make sure that the property has enough space to accommodate a vehicle.

More communities are now forbidding homeowners from leaving their cars outside of their properties. Paying for overnight parking, on the other hand, would be too expensive after a while.

If a house that you are currently looking at does not have a garage, a driveway, or assigned parking space, you should look at other options.

Accessibility Features

If someone in your family has a disability, there are features that you should never compromise on. Space, for example, is necessary for people who rely on a wheelchair for mobility. A narrow house just would not be suitable for a person in a wheelchair to move around in. Stairs, too, can be a nuisance for people with disabilities or seniors whose movements are limited.

Your Budget

buying a house

How much are you willing to pay for a house?

Before you start looking, you should make this decision so that you can look at properties that are within that price range. Discussing the price later on, when you have already seen a few houses, might entice you to spend more than how much you can pay.

Remember that, when buying a house, the cost of the property is not the only one that is included in the final bill. There are fees and taxes that you would also have to pay. After the sale, you would likely spend more on repairs and replacements

Create a budget and, as much as you can, stick with it.


The house may be beautiful, but how far is it from town? From your place of work? From the kids’ school?

The location of the house matters a lot. If you would have to drive for an hour to get to the office, imagine what your life would be like when you move in. You would have to wake up earlier and then go home later.

The location of the house also has an effect on your feelings of safety and security. Living in a neighborhood with a high crime rate will keep you awake every night because of anxiety.

Moreover, how are your neighbors? Even if you live in a gorgeous house that you purchased at a low price, if the folks next door are unpleasant, you would not enjoy the property. Your life will be hell and you would be daydreaming about moving somewhere less terrible for the next several years.

There are features that you want in a house, but you cannot live without. Then, there are features that you need. Without them, your life would not feel comfortable or happy.

Of course, these things differ from person to person. If you are in the process of buying a house, make a list of things that you should not compromise on.

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