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Creating the Ideal Office Pantry for Your Employees

The office is a valuable space for work. The many tasks and responsibilities of the direct operations will happen inside that workplace, making it necessary for business owners to dedicate funds and resources to create it. However, your employees will still require a few amenities beyond the workspace. People spend many hours of their day inside the offhice. You might have them for the entirety of the work shift, but they still need to perform life essentials.

Using the restroom and taking a break from work might fall under that category. As a result, businesses must make room for amenities like bathrooms and breakrooms inside the office.

However, another amenity commands as much value as the other office facilities. The difference is it could also help improve employee performance, making it a must-have for the workplace. The office pantry can provide employees with a place to eat lunch. It can also work to save time, allowing your workers to return to work faster instead of taking the time to find a nearby restaurant.

Here are some things to remember when creating an office pantry:

An Easy-to-Clean Floor

The office pantry allows employees to pack their lunch and eat near the office. Having the amenity inside the workplace can benefit employees in two ways. The first is saving money. The pantry provides them with a comfortable atmosphere for eating, which will be messy when they try it on the work desk. They do not have to go out of the office and pay for meals at the nearest restaurant.

Preparing the ingredients and packing them in a lunchbox is an easy morning routine that can save them a lot of money every day. The second is socialization. The office pantry can serve as a breakroom for employees looking to destress. It can also hold small events, lightening the office environment.

If it is effective, you can find plenty of workers in the pantry during lunchtime. Unfortunately, it also means there will be plenty of crumbs and trash all over the table and floors. While it is easy to clean up tables, keeping the floors sanitized might be a challenge. Your flooring material might have small cracks and gaps where food crumbs and spills can settle.

Unfortunately, getting rid of those microscopic pieces might not be possible despite using cleaning tools like vacuums and mops. The result can be a slippery and sticky pantry surface. If you want an easy-to-clean floor, you can use timber as the flooring material. Having it laminated might also help you prevent particles from settling, ensuring cleaners can have a faster day.

The Essential Pantry Appliances

The office pantry must consist of furniture like chairs and tables. People need a place to eat, and an empty room is not enough to let them finish their meals comfortable. However, some employees might require kitchen appliances to even start eating.

The office pantry must provide for the employees. Appliances and fixtures like the sink, microwave, water dispenser, and refrigerator are a must for the area. Investing in those items ensure employees’ food does not go spoiled or rotten. It might mean extra investments for the renovation, but it will be worth it when your workers only have to stay in the pantry for lunchtime.

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The Pantry Rules

The pantry remains a part of the office. As a result, people should follow the rules established in the area. If employees can do whatever they want in the pantry, it could lead to a dirty and unpleasant environment. Leftovers, uncleaned utensils and plates, and spilled beverages could be all over the place.

While business owners must hire cleaners to keep the pantry fresh, the employees must also be responsible. The clean-as-you-go practice, a proper waste disposal system, and speaking at a lower voice reminder can ensure your pantry is more beneficial than harmful. Try to develop these rules to ensure the office pantry remains an attractive environment for employees.

The Spacious Layout

Your employees are smart, which means they know to keep the pantry clean despite using it daily. Unfortunately, spilling food and beverage are situations too challenging to predict. Employees might bump one another, leading to unintentional spillage. If the pantry has a crowded space, business owners must create a spacious design. Gaps between one table from the other must be wide enough to let several people pass by with ease. The spacious layout contributes to the comfort and convenience for employees inside the workplace, making it necessary to expand the area or remove a few tables.

The office should not be the only space if you want your employees to feel right at home. The pantry will play a significant role, and prioritizing the changes mentioned above could ensure your workers can benefit from it.

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