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Did You Know Your Department Heads and Managers Do More Work?

When was the last time you met with your management not for a corporate meeting, but for a social one? Leading a business is hard but so is managing your business operations every day. Your department heads with the manager titles are the ones that make sure the operations run smoothly and efficiently. They are the ones that handle the bloodline of the company, your employees, and often, they get the short end of the stick. They are in between implementing company rules and dealing with employees to whom they relate as well.

Your department heads represent you while on the business floor. You have chosen these people to specifically lead an area of the operations, and you have trusted them to get things down. Yes, you have your employees to thank and appreciate for the hard work, these manager leaders now rarely get appreciated for the countless tasks and extra mile efforts they do.

You call them, email them, and message them any time of the day for any business concerns, and they are always there. Admittedly, they are being paid more, but they also face tremendous executive pressure and subordinate expectations. Your managers simply are doing more than your employees, and that is one thing not everyone can see.

Showing appreciation to these department leaders and managers is just as important as motivating your employees, and as a business leader, it is up to you to do so. Here are some tips that might help you get started:

Host an Exclusive Gathering For Them

There are corporate end-of-the-year parties for the whole company, but even so, it is your manager leaders that make it happen. So, what about hosting a simple gathering where you and your trusted leaders can simply catch up and talk. Maybe about work, but also about anything. You might be surprised about how much you could learn about them, and you may even get business insights when they open up and share their thoughts with you. Additionally, it will help you understand how the groundwork functions in your business.

You can invite them for a social business lunch, or you can even go big by renting a party boat for a day. Just simmer under the sun, pop open some bottles of champagnes, and just unwind and socialize with one another. After all, you are all part of the business community you are leading, and who knows it can be a breath of fresh air for you as well.

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Send Them Personal Gifts

Yes, people in business do send out gifts to their employees. There are gift baskets, gift cards, coupons, and more, but your manager leaders deserve more than just a generalized note that says “Thank you, for your hard work!” In most cases, your managers would even be responsible for sending gifts to their employees. So, they would really appreciate it when you show them that you recognize their efforts personally. You can give them items that you know they would use such as home appliances or vacation tickets.

However, if the business is somehow running on a tight budget, there are other things you can grant your managers, and they would still appreciate it. You can give them new opportunities at work where they could showcase their skills and passion. See, not all gifts are material things, some can be simply tokens of appreciation.

Ask Them What They Need

This last item might sound like a business meeting, but it is not.

Your manager leaders are all spearheading and responsible for any aspect of the business. There would be certain challenges unique to each department. Your accounting team might be struggling with an outdated system, your HR might be eyeing an ergonomic office project, and your marketing team may even be struggling to find free stock photos online!

So, instead of monthly status updates and simply asking them to reach their quotas and deliverables, you can also ask them how you could help. Ask them what they need, and be amazed as to how this would help. Of course, you cannot provide them with everything, but giving them a safe platform to ask for assistance is already a great start to show them your support and trust.

Leading a business is one thing, but managing the bloodline of your company on a daily basis is another. Your department heads are the ones making sure your company is growing and functioning like a well-oiled machine, and without efficient and talented ones, your business operations would be set up to fail.

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