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Victoria always seemed like the perfect getaway if you want to refresh, recharge, and reconnect. It has a beautiful waterside, chilled-out ambience and friendly locals. The city of Melbourne makes it a coveted place for many city dwellers and nature lovers. There are places with stunning waterfront views but also cosmopolitan areas where you can mix and mingle while you appreciate the laid-back air. It’s no wonder investors are snapping up land for sale opportunities in the state. If you’re a guest on holiday and only have 48 hours to explore one of Victoria’s cities, here are some highlights to make your trip worthwhile.

Find Accommodations

Before arriving, it is best to book your accommodations and choose a location near your itinerary. For instance, the Novotel Geelong is right at Corio Bay, and it has amenities that you can enjoy. The view of the Bay is awe-inspiring; it will make you want to move here so you can enjoy this view every day.

Feast on Excellent Food and Drinks

Australia has a growing reputation for its excellent dining experiences. There are many f restaurants and bars where you can sample superb seafood and steaks. You could also choose from any restaurant’s extensive list of Victorian wines.

Stroll and Explore

Sidney, Australia

After getting enough rest for the night and having a hearty breakfast, it is time to explore the city on foot. Don’t miss out on a visit to the nearest market for an array of local produce. If the kids are with you, bring them to local attractions such as zoos and parks. Try out local cheeses, wine, and delicate meats. Search the local pubs, restaurants and theaters for a dose of local entertainment.

You should also explore the area’s rich history through its old churches, museums, and historical sites. These can provide context and historical value to many of the area’s sites.

Visit the Vines

Victoria is famous for the wineries, and a visit to one of them is a must during your stay. Wineries offer wine tasting experience, restaurant dining, and shopping for spirits and liquors. You can have your lunch at any of these wineries for a unique lunch at the vines.

See the Art Scene

Make time to explore and appreciate the art scene too. Local artists give the place flavor and color and give it a vibrant atmosphere where the art, music and culture combine to give the city a unique color. Many cities have several areas that have become the center of the evolving contemporary art scene and have several galleries and cafes frequented by many artists and musicians.

Australia is also big on coffee culture, but don’t expect Starbucks to be popular. Many Australians love their coffee, and they have high standards on what is good coffee and great pastries. So visit the coffee shops and enjoy the local brews.

Tourism is still big in Australia, and Victoria is still one of the best states to live in the country. It’s not surprising that developments in housing and business continue to increase, making Victoria more popular with tourists and homebuyers.

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