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Homework: The Remote Work Experience

We have seen a surge of COVID-19 cases in the past months due to the global health crisis. At the onset of the pandemic at the beginning of the year 2020, many individuals and businesses all over the world have needed to implement safety measures to prevent the transmission of the virus. One of these safety measures is to shift to a remote work setup, even post-COVID.

The big shift was a struggle for many of us due to limited resources such as a stable Internet connection and even a conducive space to work in. It has been about a year since we have done the shift to working from home, and things may have started to get a bit stale as we are limited to our small spaces.

If you are looking for ways on how to improve your remote work setup, here is how you can get things done at home while staying safe from the virus.

Improving Your Remote Work Setup

Telecommuting has become a part of our new normal routine nowadays. As we deal with the physical, emotional, and mental effects of the quarantine protocols, there are solutions that we can implement at home to improve our remote work setup.

One way you can spruce up your home during this time is to improve your home interior or to upgrade your facade for a new look that feels fresh and new. You can look for a timber decking supplier around your area to help you achieve a new look for your home as you embrace the work-from-home arrangement.

Having a new look at home can make things feel good and new again. Doing so is like changing the landscape to make things easier for the eyes.

Apart from enhancing your workplace at home, make sure to also improve your company’s workflow if you are one of the leaders in your team.

Communication is a big factor in the success of any company. To ensure that you implement good communication within your team, you can try scheduling meeting blocks to minimize workflow interruption among your employees. You can also allow employees to set a Do Not Disturb status when focusing on a specific project to ensure a seamless workflow for things that matter.

Included in good communication is encouraging open and honest communication among team members. This is especially important in a remote work setup when it is more challenging to create a strong bond between employees. Trust is an essential element in this area.

Allowing your team to take enough breaks is also crucial in managing your team well during this remote work setup. Encourage breaks throughout the day so that your team can manage their time to include other necessary activities in their day such as spending mealtimes with family and incorporating physical activity.

As a team leader, you could explore focusing more on output rather than the work schedule that each team member clocks in. Productivity may look different for each individual, so make sure you get to know your team members well to recognize their wins, no matter how small.

Along with this, gather the resources you have available to train your employees even in a remote work setup. Set aside enough resources for you to train your team for new technology and production methods.

These are some methods which you can adapt to improve your remote work arrangement. While things may have been slowly changing, Australians seem to prefer a work-from-home arrangement even post-COVID. This may be due to the many benefits that a remote work setup can provide.

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WFH Benefits

Working from home has been the new normal for many individuals and businesses since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some may have had difficulties in adjusting to this setup, others seem to prefer working with this arrangement.

Here are the benefits of working from home that employees can take advantage of.

When working from home, employees avoid the gruesome experience of public transportation. The daily commute can easily take a toll on one’s energy and finances, so the shift to a remote work setup may have been a great perk for many. The reduced stress levels can be used for being more productive at work instead. ;

There is more flexibility when employees work from home. Employees can be in their most comfortable clothing in the most comfortable spot in their home, except perhaps during virtual meetings. Being comfortable while working is vital because the employees can tailor a specific workflow that works for them.

There are many benefits to working from home, and these are only a couple of them. Individuals have their own reasons for wanting to opt for a remote work setup, and for some, this enhances their work performance.

Working from home may be a new setup for some, but many have easily adjusted to this new normal setup. It seems that even after the pandemic, many businesses will have to adjust to continue to provide this effective arrangement for their employees. Working from home is a good arrangement, but an employee should also learn how to create boundaries between home and office life.

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