How Aware-Winning Landscape Architecture Impacts a Community

There are so many factors that go into what makes up a community. Some of these are intangible and hard to describe, but other things are pretty obvious. For instance, landscaping can play a huge role in how people feel about their community and how strongly they are attracted to moving into a community. Landscape artists can make a big impact on community building. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 23,600 landscape architects in the United States. Let’s look at some ways that award-winning landscape architecture affects a community.

Community Vision

Landscaping can often be a good reflection of community vision. When a community has a certain set of standards and values that can be seen in the landscaping. This is absolutely true of individual neighborhoods. The property owners within individual neighborhoods often take cues from one another concerning landscaping and overall property care. This can help to set the tone of a neighborhood. It can also help to send the message that there are residents who care about their homes and their neighborhoods. Utilizing landscape design in this respect creates a powerful community impact.

Community Engagement

Thoughtful landscape design can also affect community engagement. When spaces are well-kept and welcoming, it encourages the members of a community to come out and spend time together. This can help to create an attitude of unity and togetherness. It’s good for children in a community to see the adults come together in this way and socialize and spend time in shared communal spaces.

Property Values

It should also be noted that when award-winning landscape architecture is used in a community, it can also help to improve property values. Landscaping plays a big part in property value. When potential home buyers come into a community they will be noticing every detail. Even the details they are not consciously taking note of are having an impact on their opinion of the community. First impressions matter when it comes to property value, and award-winning landscape architecture can make powerful first impressions that are positive and persuasive.

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