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Boost Productivity by Improving Your Home Office

It’s safe to say that working from home has become the new normal. Business meetings and presentations have never felt so remote more than ever. It’s also worth mentioning that despite being away from the office, workloads have increased a lot.

A Prodoscore survey published on Business Wire shows that a lot of general office tasks have increased during March and April 2020. This was in comparison to the data at the same period in 2019. Data shows telephone calling was up 230% and email was up to 57%.

Working in the same environment where you usually rest could be a challenge. Especially with those figures mentioned above. Your home can take away the notion of being in the zone while working. It all starts with how you set the mood in your home office. Check out these home office improvements that can inspire you to focus on work, even when you’re working from home.

Invest in an ergonomic chair

Laptops are lightweight and very portable. This tempts many to bring their work inside the bedroom or any place they could just slouch. This is why comfortable chairs are extremely essential in the workplace. Bring that comfort inside your home office by getting yourself an ergonomic chair. A good posture sets your mind to work on job assignments effectively.

The adjustability of ergonomic chairs can also give you a sense of focus on your home office desk. Fix its height so your eyes could look at your computer screen at an adequate level. Set it up to perfectly match your office desk’s functionality and you’re good to go.

Soundproof your home office

A quiet room reduces noises that can affect your productivity. It’s hard to concentrate if you’re working at home with the kids playing outside. How many times did your dog’s barks interrupt your Zoom meetings? It’s a real problem in this new normal setup. Resolve it by soundproofing your home office. There are ingenious ways to soundproof your room without having to renovate it. A simple rearranging of furniture would do. Place your heavy bookshelf against the wall where noise can penetrate.

Rugs can also alleviate unwanted noises by absorbing the sound. Wall-to-wall carpets would also do. You can cover tiny slits and holes in your home office so the sound won’t get in. Soundproof curtains are also an option. Block out the noises from the outside world for a more peaceful working place at home.

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Rely on effective lighting

Is your home office too dark? Is the desk lamp too distracting? Your poor lighting setup may be affecting your concentration. Research cites that your light source can have a relative influence on your working habits. That is why it’s advisable to look into improving your home office lighting. Brighten the room with energy-efficient CFLs. This would give you the ambiance you’d feel in a conventional office setup. Awaken your spirit with natural lighting coming from the sun.

The clear surface of glass windows would be a perfect medium for letting the light pass through. Accentuate it with blinds that would go well with your home office aesthetics. The sunshine can dictate your senses and trigger your morning work mode. Meanwhile, scatter the light throughout your working space. You don’t want to do tasks with shadows casting over your work desk. Desk lamps can be notorious for doing this. You can use floor lamps as an alternative instead. Aside from the mentioned benefits, good lighting can also minimize eye strain.

Organize tasks with a corkboard

Physical organizers are good for tracking your work progress. But being stuck at your work desk for hours might get you a little tired to write on organizers. Computer screens can also strain your eyes. Spending another 10 minutes to log your work in digital organizers won’t help. With these in mind, a corkboard might help you perform your end-of-day duties. It’s a clever visual aid for your daily working accomplishments.

Aside from this, corkboards can constantly remind you about urgent tasks. You can do all these without having to look at your phone and computer screens. Digital technology improved the ways we organize information. Yet, nothing compares to a tangible reminder of our tasks that is easily accessible.

Enhance your work-from-home experience by making improvements to your working space. An exemplary home office can bring out your best performance. It can heavily influence your work ethic too. Help yourself bring that office energy into your home for increased productivity. Work efficiently even in your literal comfort zone.

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