Keeping Your Business Covered The Basics of Waterproofing Your Warehouse

In this informative segment of the YouTube video titled “Will Epoxy Flooring be Waterproof,” Tim McGarry, a knowledgeable representative from Epoxy Flooring Co, an epoxy flooring company, confidently addresses a common inquiry regarding the water-resistant properties of epoxy flooring. McGarry unequivocally states that a meticulously installed full flake, seamless epoxy floor provides complete waterproofing. To underscore this claim, he draws upon a practical example derived from a commercial kitchen installation conducted approximately a year ago.

McGarry proceeds to visually demonstrate the remarkable waterproofing capabilities by pouring water onto the epoxy floor. The result is striking – the water forms large puddles on the surface without being absorbed, serving as a compelling real-life testament to the epoxy floor’s imperviousness to water.

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This is an informative video for someone who wants a waterproof warehouse floor.

This insightful video segment, lasting just a few minutes, offers a firsthand and practical glimpse into the effectiveness of epoxy flooring in repelling water. For those contemplating epoxy flooring solutions for their spaces, McGarry’s expertise and the showcased demonstration provide valuable assurance that a properly installed full flake, seamless epoxy floor not only lives up to but exceeds expectations in delivering reliable and comprehensive waterproofing.


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