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Office Design Ideas to Give Your Workplace a Luxurious Upgrade

The word “luxury” simply implies anything special or above the ordinary. If you own a commercial property and want to give its value a boost, or if you simply want to provide your employees a better place to work, here are some design ideas to give your workplace a luxurious upgrade:


Nothing says fancy more than a property with its own courtyard. A courtyard is simply an area that is circumscribed, which means it’s surrounded by a complex or a building and is open to the sky. Courtyards have a special place in history in that both the Western and Eastern worlds both used them in their architecture, both ancient and modern.

It’s a well-loved building feature that can instantly transform a property into something even more special because it can instantly provide your workplace with natural sunshine, fresh air, a guest entertaining hub, and cool temperature. It can help save you money on utility bills, too.

The design of your courtyard will depend on the design of your building, but here are some themes and concepts you can play around with:

  • Moroccan, which can be achieved through the use of rustic orange paint, multi-colored tiles and patterns, a fountain, and plants
  • French, which is marked by a Versailles-style open garden concept
  • English countryside, which is achieved by combining cottagecore aesthetic with old country-style structures
  • Minimalist and modern, which is all about clean, neutral, and sharp lines

Glass room enclosure

If adding a courtyard is impossible for your commercial property, you can also consider going for a glass room enclosure. It’s a wonderful way to extend your property and to add natural light to your office. At the same time, glass office enclosures, partitions, or walls can instantly give your office a contemporary and light alternative to the commonly used room dividers that offices have used for decades.

Glass enclosures instantly lend an elegant and fresh look to any space — whether it’s your office or your home. Companies such as Just Patios not only design these amazing glass enclosures; they can build them in ways that wow property owners and give them peace of mind.

Leisure activities

There’s a reason why the Google and Facebook offices became viral across the globe — being able to do leisure activities in the office is a luxury and a privilege, and one that can help boost employee productivity and motivation to go to work.

While it’s true that not all of us are Mark Zuckerberg, we can still find ways to turn even one of our office rooms into a place where our employees can have some fun during their break. Here are some fun recreational activities you can incorporate into one of your office rooms to give your employees the chance to have fun during their workday:

  • Board games
  • Pool table
  • Pinball machines
  • Foosball table
  • Snack bar
  • Movie room

Relaxation room

office space

If your company is more high-stakes, fast-paced, and stress-inducing, you can also consider turning one of your rooms into a relaxation room where employees can meditate and stay quiet during their breaks. These rooms can have comfortable couches and even offbeat furniture pieces like a hammock. Here are some other design elements you need to consider when designing this room:

  • No electronics allowed. You can add a sign on the front door that says phones, laptops, iPads, and work of all kinds are banned from the room.
  • Consider the colors you use. Make sure that you go for a color palette that evokes a sense of peace and serenity — such as pastel blues for the sky or ocean calm, greens and yellows for the peaceful atmosphere of a meadow, or one foggy morning. Your palette should consist of soft tones of blue and green, medium shades of yellow or pink, and muted browns or warm grays.
  • Scent can also make or break a meditation room. Make sure to choose a room that is not near to the bathroom, the kitchen, or the pet areas. Incorporate oil diffusers, scented candles, fragrant plants, and even bowls of potpourri.
  • Living things can also add a layer of tranquility to your room. Incorporate houseplants into the room, and even a small aquarium.
  • You want to engage all the senses — sights, scents, and sounds. Faintly play relaxing mood music in the background to help your employees rest.

Making these upgrades will not only boost your employees’ productivity; they can also up the value of your commercial property. Reconfigure your spaces and give your office a physical facelift — it’s an investment that can provide you with worthy returns in the end.

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