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The Merits of Corporate Fundraisers

It’s important you maintain a big-picture mentality. That’s because if you don’t you might lose sight of what’s really important in your organization. Focusing on work done is great; productivity enhancement processes can go a long way in giving your output a boost. But there are various parts of your organization that needs attention too, though not clearly evident. One of these is a corporate fundraising event.

At first glance, fundraisers seem like a waste of time. Why fund something that does not directly involve in any way the company? Why waste time on an endeavor that won’t boost your productivity? It really seems counterintuitive. And thinking about it could get you in circles.

But truth be told, as apparently irrelevant as a charity is, it serves a glorious function. It boosts your organization. Think about it. A company that gives is a company that cares. That can certainly improve your branding, in a sense a huge magnet to better your recruiting. And while you may not think of it so fondly, doing more charities actually brings a significant overall impact to your organization. Check out expert take on the matter.

Team Bonding

Your organization is only as good as the people who work there. Think of the departments. There’s HR there are sales. There’s marketing and then there’s the accounting and perhaps production. And of course, management. While each works for one company, chances are frictions and conflict will happen. It’s but normal.

The problem is conflict is a depressant. It’s sabotaging morale. Worse, it can lower productivity. Studies show managers will have to spend at least 2 % of their time resolving conflicts. That means less time focused on the work at hand. Worse, conflicts promote absenteeism.

This is where a charity event can work its magic. By having a fundraising initiative you forge stronger relationships between colleagues. It’s a unique way for people to gel. As departments work with other departments, a better working relationship is fostered. Plus, everyone can work with everyone. Top management can roll up their sleeves and work alongside rank and file.

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Unequaled Branding

Think of the number of positive vibes you’re spreading when you do a fundraising campaign. Your website will be filled with good news, not to mention your social media account beaming with pride about all the good things you’re doing to society. All these stories can then be multiplied in a PR campaign or local news.

Now, that certainly is good branding to your end. When you’re branded as a company that has time to care, you elevate your status. You are not just about business, but business with a heart.

In this regard, you help attract the best and the brightest. It’s no accident the best companies get the best talent. Google, for one, has made it to the top by cultivating an impressive workplace “Googleplex” with an awesome culture to match. With a fundraiser in your belt, you can have some of that branding magic people talk about.

If you’re worried about finding extra money for your fundraising campaign, you can create a fundraising team to do just that. Note that you can even raise funds online. For one, a host of Gofundme alternatives or competitors await you. With reliable crowdsourcing helping your fiscal needs and your ardent desire to help, raising funds should be a breeze.

In the process, your enterprise can raise the bar to become the “Best Employer of the Year” in your area.

Training Opportunities

A fundraiser needs to be organized. The ability to do so offers valuable training opportunities for your people. In doing so, your employees develop leadership skills that are otherwise not available in their usual scope of work.

In a sense, a charity event is like putting up a company. You need to ensure funding, initiate contact with people other than your own, and make it a point that deliverables get on the event on time. It’s definitely a timely exercise for leadership and communication. For one, your people need to see things through, polishing their project management skills in the process.

To prepare your people, you can arm them with the needed skills for the event through a series of training. That can mean you increase the value of your team. You can even involve those who are not actively taking part in the fundraising event. In short, you give them a chance to improve. You just have to plan it well. And on that note, you also get to improve on your leadership in the process, not to mention get you closer to your team.

Indeed, it’s a golden opportunity any way you look at it. By helping souls who need help, you’re hitting two birds in one stone. You are actually helping yourself.

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