What is ROI and Why Should You Know About It?

ROI is something that every business and even every person has to take into consideration with every choice that they make. Why? Well, ROI stands for return on investment. Even if you aren’t in business, it is important to consider what your ROI is on the choices that you make and the investments that you make with your time.

When it comes to business, the reason that you need to know about ROI is you have to understand what your investments are doing for the company as a whole. For example, consider a company that invests roughly $10,000 dollars into marketing but only sees a $1,000 dollar return.

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That ROI is extremely low and doesn’t benefit the company. This is why you have to watch ROI and make sure that you are paying attention to what it means for your business.

When it comes to ROI digital marketing you have to consider what your positives and negatives are going to be. Is a positive ROI going to maintain itself above 10% or are your numbers going to be elsewhere? This is something that you have to consider with digital marketing because of how volatile the environment is.


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