What You Must Know About Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is a solid option for many businesses that are ordering something too large or if you are ordering something in bulk that needs to arrive all at once. As this video details, there are things you need to consider when ordering things via freight shipping that will be detailed below.

1. Freight Shipments May Need Different Tuck Sizes

If you expect that a freight shipment may have difficulty making it to your location due to too narrow of roads, make sure to let them know, as they have smaller vehicles to accommodate that. This is especially true for residential areas.

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2. Appointments Will Be Made After Shipment

Because freight shipments are often valuable, the shipment company will schedule an appointment for pickup after delivery. During this appointment, you must be present so that you can ensure it made it there as advertised. Be sure to refuse delivery if you see any issues. After accepting, inspect the product itself to ensure there are no issues.

3. Freight Shipments Can Be via Land, Sea, and Air

Many freight shipment companies offer different types of services; for example, one may provide sea cargo service, while others may provide air cargo service. Be sure to check to make sure whoever you order from provides the service you require.


Freight shipping is a great way to get your valuable shipments done quickly, conveniently, and correctly. When procuring the services of a freight shipment company, always look to track record and customer satisfaction when making your decision to work with them.

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